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Personalization is now a must for differentiating your communications and getting consumers’ attention. Drawing from decades of experience executing complex, data-driven campaigns, we can help you tell your story with greater impact. And through self-serve tools like DCM Flex, your own teams can produce customized, personalized collateral that drives response without sacrificing efficiency.



The 24/7 nature of the service industry means you need to be focused on running it—and your communications need to run themselves.

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Automate and optimize your ability to bring programs to life efficiently and effectively, delivering a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.


Big Box

The large scale of big box businesses calls for a communications partner that can do it all—from on-shelf to grand format.   

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With quickly changing marketing calendars as well as regional variances, QSRs need communications support that can keep up.
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Specialty & Convenience

Smaller footprints and more specialized business models require more flexible communications and support.   

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Understand your customers better, communicate with more impact, and position yourself more competitively in your market today, while building your brand for tomorrow.


Get your brand in front of the right customers to maximize the return on your marketing investment.  

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From billing and accounts receivable to integrated bar-coding that supports supply chain management, there are many business-critical forms you rely on to operate smoothly. We guarantee their flawless execution and always-there availability, and we can work with you to ensure every one of them effectively streamlines the essential processes it supports.

In & Out of Store Impact

Optimized physical environments. For more engaging customer experiences.

Are your customer experiences as engaging as possible? Be sure with a DCM audit of your brand’s presence in the physical space. We analyze the impact of all your digital and print communications for better decision-making and a more effective retail experience.

Data management

Clean, high-quality data is crucial to maintaining and optimizing your operations, as well as communicating in ways that matter to your customers. DCM helps you make the most of it, leveraging it to continually improve the processes that underpin your business and drive your marketing strategies.

Marketing workflow management

Managing your marketing requirements—and controlling the outcome—can consume excessive time and resources. DCM Flex streamlines those workflows and gives them clarity, through automation and tracking that connects key stakeholders, eliminates approval bottlenecks, ensures brand compliance, and provides visibility into usage and spend.


More of your ideal customers reached. No time or money wasted.

Wasting time and money getting your marketing communications to hundreds of unique footprints? DCM will manage the details and minimize unnecessary spending. With over 20 DCM facilities, our customized ordering, printing, kitting and fulfillment ensure your brand is always expressed in the right way at the right location.

Internal forms & documents

Tracking, updating, and restocking internal forms and documents is a constant challenge for most organizations. DCM Flex organizes and centralizes document management, building into the process automatic tracking and inventory management that ensures version and brand control while preventing stockouts.

Promo kitting

DCM’s unique store profiles capture all touchpoint variances, enabling us to print, kit and ship exactly what each store needs. We do it all in-house, helping to maintain campaign control. And because things can sometimes get lost or damaged along the way, we can also replace lost or damaged material within 24 hours, anywhere in Canada. 

Store attribute management

While you strive to deliver a consistent brand experience regardless of location, the reality is that each store environment can have unique attributes and a spectrum of variances, from different numbers of end caps and varying adjacencies, to wide-ranging interior and exterior communication touchpoints. Our robust tool captures all of them, ensuring their differences never hinder execution or customer experience, and helping you maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing impact.

DCM Flex

As your marketing and business communications become more complex, so do the systems supporting them, resulting in reduced operational visibility and a higher risk of brand and regulatory non-compliance. DCM Flex provides a single point of access for business-critical marketing and operational workflows. From print-on-demand and digital campaign management to business process outsourcing and in-depth reporting on enterprise-wide workflows, DCM Flex integrates these functions and provides clarity on them, helping clients improve communications quality, business insight, and strategic decision-making.


As your marketing and business communications become more complex, so do the systems supporting them. More software and more licenses means more complicated management and less visibility across the enterprise as a whole. ASMBL provides one platform for seamlessly planning and delivering your brand, marketing, sales, and operational assets. By integrating all these functions, we not only streamline processes for clients but also produce higher-quality analytics that result in deeper, clearer business insight and more informed decision-making.    

Automated Information

Automated information-gathering plays a vital role in retail operations, whether you’re tracking deliveries in the warehouse or collecting product information at checkout. Our team designs, deploys, and services a range of solutions that leverage the latest mobile technology to improve data accuracy, supply-chain visibility, in-store customer service, and overall business efficiency.

Our capabilities comprehensively support core operations including:


  • Shelf edge / price labels
  • Mobile POS
  • Self-serve kiosks



  • Item-level tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Putaway / shipping & receiving



  • Pharmacy / specialty labels


Printers and scanners

From mounted and mobile printers to RFID scanners and consumables like labels and forms, DCM can design, deliver and support your entire technology fleet. Site consultations. Installations. End-of-life. Contract management. One comprehensive solution from one trusted provider.  


A single source offers less cost, less complexity—and guaranteed excellence.

Overwhelmed by managing multiple print vendors? Reduce the cost and complexity with DCM. From the smallest loyalty card to an entire bus wrap, we provide a single source of excellence in all aspects of print. Supported by national scale and regional presence, our industry-leading solutions include design, pre-press, press, post-press, procurement, warehousing and fulfillment.

Custom loyalty execution

Loyalty and rewards program management as unique as your customers.

Struggling to keep up with your customers’ needs? Establish personal and immediate contact between your brand and your most valuable customers  with DCM custom loyalty execution. Confirm targets with our user-friendly platform and depend on our expertise to manage every touchpoint of your loyalty and rewards program.


Tailored messaging. Targeted touchpoints. Tangible connections with your customers.

Are you reaching your customers as effectively as you could be? Get a better return on your marketing dollars with DCM. Our 1:1 marketing solutions create more personal connections with tailored and targeted brand messaging.


Unlimited touchpoints. Zero risk of inconsistency for your brand.

Concerned that managing multiple assets across multiple channels and locations could result in a fragmented experience for your brand? Eliminate the risk with DCM. We guarantee brand compliance at every touchpoint.


Grocery & Health

Rising costs. Race-to-the bottom pricing. In the grocery & health sector, every dollar you spend has to deliver.

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